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Diamonds in Atlanta GA

IDEAL DIAMOND located at 6000 Lake Forrest Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328. We specialize in ideal cut diamonds, carat and above, in all shapes and sizes. Our family has been in the diamond cutting and importing business for three generations. We are proud of our excellent reputation. When you call us you will understand why. We are diamond cutters and importers of loose diamonds. Our business is based on supplying diamonds to jewelry stores and wholesalers all around the world. This is a unique opportunity for you to get diamonds at half price or even less.

Unlike others, IDEAL DIAMOND is not interested in just selling you a diamond. We are looking forward to having you as a regular client for all your jewelry needs. If it is for your diamond ring, tennis bracelet, diamond earrings or diamond necklace, we would love to help you in each step of the way.

Any of your diamonds and jewelry needs can be met by us at a fraction price than a jewelry store will charge you. We have a jewelry designer on staff that will design your jewelry exclusively to your needs. All our diamonds are lab certified by GIA or EGL which are world wide recognized labs. Each diamond that you buy from us comes with a full certificate which states the diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Most insurance companies require their clients to certify their diamonds.

Wholesale Jewelry

In the fashion world, there are many opportunities to find wholesale jewelry to buy. This type of jewelry can be purchased and added to a personal collection, given as gifts, or resold for a profit. There are many sources of jewelry, depending on the type you are interested in. If you do your research properly, you can find and buy the exact type you want.

Types Of Jewelry

The most popular types of wholesale jewelry include designer jewelry, costume jewelry, platinum and gold jewelry pieces. These jewelry items might feature fine silver, semi-precious gemstones, diamonds, or pearls. Usually, jewelry are made into bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches. The cheapest category of jewelry pieces includes costume jewelry items made from glass, low-grade metal, plastic, and shells. Costume jewelry is generally inexpensive, and they are available in lots of ten or more pieces. While this type of jewelry is common among teens and youngsters, some adult jewelry collectors seek out glass and plastic bangles, pendants and earrings for casual wear.

Locating A Jewelry Wholesaler

Sometimes manufacturers will sell directly to an individual or the individual may need to find a jewelry wholesales. Trade shows and online auctions are great places to find wholesalers that are offering the types of jewelry you want. Checking out the reputation of each wholesaler you consider is a good idea as it can help you select the best vendor to deal with.

Choosing A Jewelry Wholesaler

To choose the best jewelry, first decide on which types you would like to purchase. Several different types of jewelry exist, and it is important to decide what types you want to buy before you start shopping for a wholesale dealer or company. Perusing fashion publications and paying close attention to the types of jewelry people are wearing can help you in determining which ones are the most popular. Make a list of manufacturers and wholesalers that carry the types of jewelry accessories you intend to buy and carefully compare their offers to determine the best deal. Choose the wholesale company or manufacturer that offers you the best prices.

Placing Your Order

In addition to the cost of the jewelry, you should also include shipping charges and any other charges that are applicable, to the total price. Many vendor prefer you to purchase bulk quantities and you often get lower prices when you do so. Before making a purchase, however, you should discuss terms of purchase with a seller, such as return policies. After the terms and other essential details have been taken care of it, you can then place your order.