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Endless Love

Celebrating your love on your wedding anniversary is an opportunity to reminisce, reflect, and reinforce the bonds of your relationship. Make it memorable with a gift that reminds her that she's incredibly special.

Objects of Affection

As long as it sparkles, she’s going to love whatever you choose. That said, certain designs are particularly romantic choices that symbolize your love and let her know how special she is to you every day.

Eternity Ring

A ring is a classic choice. This design features an unbroken band of connected diamonds which symbolizes everlasting love.


3-Stone Pendant

A necklace keeps your love close to her heart. Like a 3-stone ring, each stone represents a time period in your lives together, past, present and future.

Infinity Knot Studs

Diamond studs are something she can wear every day. By nestling the diamond in intertwined circles, you’re symbolize the permanence of your love.

Surprise her with a Custom Design

Instead of just grabbing something from a case in a jewelry store, make her gift extra special by creating a custom piece with a private jeweler. It may take a little more time, but getting involved in the process can be rewarding for both of you.


Here are some tips on creating something as unique as she is.

– ONE –

Choose a jeweler you can trust

Get recommendations from friends, read reviews, and go in for a consultation.


– TWO –

Start early

Creating design, choosing diamonds and producing the piece takes time.
Schedule your consultation 3 to 6 weeks in advance.



Arrive armed with a plan

Make sure you have an idea of what kind of jewelry you want and her style – modern, vintage, traditional, etc.
It will help guide you, and your jeweler, in creating the perfect design.


– FOUR –

Ask for a CAD before you commit

The jeweler should create a full-color 3-D computer-aided version of the design.
Don’t approve production until you see one.

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