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The Perfect Proposal

It’s hard enough to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, that’s why we believe in
making finding the right engagement ring as easy as possible.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients find their ideal diamond, and the perfect setting. When you sit down with Sam, you’ll get a diamond education that will immediately put you at ease. Instead of a stressful experience, we guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself. Make an appointment and let us help you design the ring of her dreams.

Trend of the Year: Triple Happiness

Everyone loves a fairytale. Maybe that’s why when an English prince asked an American girl to marry him last year, the world not only fell in love with the story, but with the trilogy engagement ring Prince Harry chose for Meghan Markle. Since then popularity of the style, which features 3 stones, has soared. Each stone is said to represent a period in time, the past, the present and the future. Grouped together they symbolize the passage of time, which makes the style a wonderful anniversary gift as well.

The 4 Rules of Ring Shopping

Ring shopping can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Consider these 4 tips before heading out to start your ring search.


1. Set a Budget

Don’t feel obligated to follow the traditional “3x your monthly salary” rule. If there are oOther things factoring in to how much you can afford, that’s ok. Just be realistic.


2. Figure out Favorites

Get an idea of the diamond shapes, setting styles, and metals your partner likes best. If this proves to be difficult for you, contact us and set up an appointment, we’ll be happy to make suggestions.


3. Choose a Look

Once you have information on favorite shapes, styles and metals –consider the look that your partner likes. Think about how she dresses and/or decorates her home. Is she modern, vintage, bohemian, Art Deco, traditional or truly unique.


4. Diamond First, Ring Second

A private jeweler will make sure you follow this tip and then help you design a setting in the style, metal and look that will complement the diamond and the bride.

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